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BURO Bangladesh Training Division is a unique portray of Human Resource Development. This division started its journey as a training provider which focuses on capacity building and institutional strengthening services for its own in addition to various organizations on a demand basis. Presently BURO operates a total of three training centers in three different locations, referred to as Center for Human Resource Development (CHRD).

Services Provided by CHRD:

The Center for Human Resource Develepment (CHRD) provides various training courses. These courses are offered for two groups: 1) Managers and Staff and 2) Customers.


For Managers and Staff we have the following courses offered:

a) Foundation Training,

b) Micro Finance & Micro Enterprise Programming

c) Development Management Course

d) Computer Literacy & Software Orientation

e) Disaster Management.

f)  As to need of the staffs


 AND more


Training offered:

a) Basic management/life skills

b) Leadership development courses

c) Small business management

d) Easy accounts keeping

e) Disaster management.


In addition to all of this, one of the more exciting facilities that CHRD provides is the Buro Rest House, which can be rented and used for services such as conferences, events, hotel services, etc.

BURO CHRD also organizes frequent visits for different organizations and professionals, university students, teachers and researchers both from Bangladesh and from other countries.

Please refer to for more information on Buro BD and its activities.

BURO believes in a prosperous Bangladesh without poverty and disparity. Center for Human Resource Development (CHRD) and the Rest House is in line with this and hopes to bring the nation forward in terms of professionalism, tourism, hospitality and a boosted economy.

The Center for Human Resource Development (CHRD) hopes to train growing professionals and bring about more professionalism in the country. As we are a developing nation, the demand for such institutes is growing.

Dormitory/Hostel for participants

Those who are staying in groups or attending courses at the center can stay in the dormitory which has been set up for the comfort of those using the rest house services. Please note this is specially catered for participants and not guests.


Feel free to buy food from our cafeteria which has a wide range of Bangladeshi foods and refreshments available.


Dining facilities are available on each floor and can be availed with prior reservations.

Lobby Lounge:

Come sit back, relax and have some time to yourself to get your work done. The lounge is a comfortable area with wi-fi connectivity. Coffee, tea and other refreshments are also available, making the lounge the perfect spot for one on one meetings and kicking back and relaxing.

Meetings/Conference Hall:

· We have different sized hall rooms that are fully air-conditioned and can be used for meetings, workshops, trainings, seminars, conferences and other events.

· A modern sound system and multimedia projector are available

· Separate large dining rooms

· Dormitory for the participants

· Logistic support such as computers, printers, photocopiers, daily newspapers and magazines are available.

Parking Lot:

Cars can be parked at our parking lot, which has adequate space for car parking.  



In order to book a room or the conference hall in advance, please call:

Mobile: +8801733220976


Contact Details:


170/2, Sher-e-Bangla Road, BaniaKhamar, Khulna.

Mobile: +8801733220976